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Crazy Heatwave offer!

(all August)

The temperature of the day = your discount %

(30°C = 30% discount)


Heatwave offer

Classic White


Heatwave offer

Filter Plus

During the month of August the average temperature of the day will be your discount % for rental and water.


The heatwave continues in Slovakia, and a Dolphin cooler is the perfect way to stay hydrated.

*offer is valid only for displayed models and products for a minimum period of 1 year rental. Our standard terms&conditions apply.


With a Dolphin cooler you have:

  • Cool water always available (good for you!)

  • No plastic bottle waste (good for the planet!)

  • A low coast and healthy alternative for other drinks (good for your budget!)

Regular Price:

Rental / mnth - 20,69 €

Water 19 l barrel - 6,59 €

Dolphin Sparkle

Vychutnajte si bublinky s týmto multifuknčným výdajníkom vody. Perlivá, horúca alebo chladená voda sú k dispozícii pre váš pitný režim hneď po stlačení tlačidla.


Vhodný pre 1 - 20 l'udí


Chladená a perlivá voda 10°C, horúca voda  95°C 

Chladenie a sýtenie

Sýtenie chladenej vody umožňuje vyrobiť perlivú vodu s intenzívnou, dlho trvajúcou chuťou

Výdajník vody Dolphin, pitý režim, perlivá voda
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