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Quality complience

The compulsory audit which is conducted by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and SGS, under the Bottled Water Certification program verifies that a bottling facility and product waters meet the requirements of FDA Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Chapter 1, Parts 110, 129, and 165, or Codex Alimentarius requirements (EC 80/777). These regulations establish quality standards for bottled water and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for the bottler.

Certificates of Complience:

The  list of certified technicians:

Richard Plank (Workshop manager, Dolphin)

Peter Sekač (Service technician, Dolphin)

Tibor Lepés (Service technician, Dolphin)

Peter Varga (Service technician, Dolphin)

Peter Kovač (Service technician, Dolphin)

See the Attendence List and Examination Score

Press release:​

Plnička Dolphin prešla ročným auditom s neuveriteľným výsledkom 99%

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