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Water for school is a Dolphin Central Europe initiative.

Dolphin is a leading European water dispenser supplier when it comes to environmental responsible practices since 1996. Dolphin takes care of the professional installation and maintenance by a competent service technician, and ensures the highest possible water quality is provided through their dispensers.



Water for life:

Water at school

  • Unlimited high quality drinking water

  • Free available for all students

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle

A clear solution

Schools are a key environment to teach children and adolescents healthy hydration and create long-term positive beverage consumption behaviour.

Offering drinking water solutions and promoting water consumption in schools will change the behavioural patterns leading to increased water consumption. And the benefits are numerous!

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A sustainable future

Today's students demand alternative solutions for an environmentally friendly environment. Responsible choices, particularly when it comes to our water resources is a major area of concern. 


Prevention of waste of single-use plastics, saving energy and resources, and making clear durable choices are an important part of the educational process.

eco bottle

Dolphin water stations

With drinking water fountains and bottle (re)fillers installed in your school students can fill and refill reusable water bottles with high quality drinking water at all times or simply have a sip of fresh water when they pass by the hydration station.

Easy to use

(Re)fill a bottle - With a touch free activation sensor your bottle is automatically filled with fresh drinking water when placed in the filling station; or

Drinking water directly - With a simple push button a flow of water is activated to hygienically drink without touching any part of the dispenser


Guaranteed hygiene!

Special Ultraviolet technology, the use of antimicrobial copper parts and silver-plated compounds warrant a safe and healthy drinking experience at all times. 

Durable technology

With energy- and water saving components installed throughout the unit, these hydration stations help to minimize the carbon footprint of the user. Patented Green-Filter technology allows the highest grade of filtration producing a minimum of waste due to the disposable media exchange option. 

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about water

A Personal eco-bottle

Students are encouraged to use the 0,75 ltr Dolphin water bottle. These 100% BPA free bottles have a wide filling mouth and handy drinking cap.

The bottle can be personalized with a name tag, this way you always know which bottle is yours!

Take your water everywhere!

  • 0,75 ltr

  • Refillable

  • BPA free



  • Dishwasher proof

  • Durable

  • Wide mouth (for easy filling and washing)

  • Personal (write your own #name on it)

Water at school - hydro package

With a Dolphin hydration station comes more than just great water!


Learn more...

For teachers/ educators


Schools are a key environment to teach children and adolescents healthy hydration and form long-term positive beverage consumption behavior.


This short brief informs educators why and how to best intervene in your educational environment.


For students


Drinking water is good for body and mind.


The student info sheet explains about the benefits of drinking water every day, and shows how to use the hydration points for drinking and refilling their water bottles.


For parents


A key motivational element for a healthier lifestyle comes from the family environment.


This informational notice helps parents to understand what their school is doing to promote good hydration habits, and how they can participate in this process.

All the equipment installed is especially designed for this purpose and environment and complies with ANSI A117.1/ NSF 61 and ADA (adults and child use compliance) standards.

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