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Dolphin, voda pitná, pitný režim, pramenitá voda, Chladiče vody, voda do kancelárie

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Benefits of working at Dolphin.

Join us!


 At Dolphin, we love water. And we want to deliver it to everyone. We offer our an exceptional service, so we have to be selective in who we hire. So you decide first, if we are a match! 

How we care

Live a healthy life


Our offices are equipped with kitchens providing nutritious breakfast and lunch meals and snacks to keep you healthfully energized throughout the day. In the break corners you can enjoy a bite and meet with colleagues throughout the day.

We offer bike-parking and shower facilities to allow you to start your day with some exercise, jogging or cycling to work.

Feel at home, at work


We designed our office as flex-spaces. There are corners and desks for a more private or silent work experience and the wifi and cloud based programs we work with allow you to take your laptop and work where you feel most comfortable.

Relax areas let you discuss with colleagues or take a break in a comfy way. And you’re welcome to come early, or to stay late to read a book or play a game here.

Develop your career​


We encourage you to train and educate yourself in our inhouse Dolphin Academy. In this training centre you will be learned how to fulfill the basics of your job at any position in the company. This can be technical product training, sales and marketing courses or roleplay adventures to improve on customer service.

Internal exams allow you in various positions to develop your skills, get promoted and earn more.

Enjoy quality time


We all need time away from work to recharge, travel take care of personal stuff, or spend time with family and friends. At Dolphin we have a dynamic approach to your work and free time. Suiting your position we will design a suitable working schedule to meet your requirements. This will allow you to work stressless and be at your best.

Why work for Dolphin?

How we care


Dolphin is a healthy company offering healthy products. We care about the planet, and we care for the community we work in. A sustainable approach in selecting our offered service and products is key for us, but we also want to give back. Sponsoring schools and local facilities and by participating in economical institutes like the chamber of commerce we strive to make a difference where we can.


  • Are interested in  the health and wellbeing of others in general

  • Are not afraid of a tough discussion, even with your boss

  • Think about how you can solve a problem, not about who is to blame

  • Generally, consider the consequences of your actions

  • Care about the environment

  • Are ambitious


  • Love water, and want every company to join us

  • Believe water brings health and productivity

  • Think everybody has the right to drink good quality water

  • Love creativity

  • Care about appearance

  • Are not afraid to make mistakes

  • Find your intelligence and values more important than your experience and education

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