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Dolphin Eco bottles

Embrace a sensible and responsible drinking regime with the Dolphin Eco-friendly Bottle. Designed to help you maintain hydration while minimizing your carbon footprint, this stylish and eco-conscious bottle is the perfect companion for on-the-go hydration. Fill it up at a Dolphin dispenser and carry it with you, reducing waste from disposable cups and bottles.

eco product

The Dolphin Eco Bottle boasts a BPA-free design, ensuring your water is free from harmful chemicals. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and comes in various sizes to suit your needs. Customize the bottle with your company's unique graphics for a personalized touch. Make a positive impact on the environment with this recyclable and reusable solution.


Bezplatné vyskúšanie: 
Pitný režim Dolphin
na 3 týždne zadarmo

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 3 barely pramenitej vody

  • 100 pohárov

Špeciálna ponuka: 
Pitný režim len
za 1 €/ denne

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 5 barelov pramenitej vody mesačne

  • 100 pohárov mesačne

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