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Dolphin Flow

The choice of professionals! Durable and classy design combined with amazing capacity and eco friendly technology.

cold water

for more then 50 people

ambient water


sparkling water

Ice-Bank Technology: Always have a high volume of cold, still, and sparkling water on tap.

Sturdy & Safe: Built from durable food-grade aluminum and stainless steel.

UV-Protected Taps: Taps potentially offer UV protection, reducing contamination risks.

UVC Taps: Each tap has an option for bactericidal UVC LED lamps. These UVC rays are known for sterilizing power, fighting off harmful microorganisms.

Sleek Touch Screen: A flat, easy-to-clean control panel. With controls under glass and no mechanical buttons, cleaning is straightforward and quick.

High Capacity: Offers 80 to 150 liters per hour, ideal for filling bottles, carafes, and the like.

Eco-Friendly: Uses R290 ecological cooling gas for zero impact on the environment.

Easy Operation: Dispenser comes with a user-friendly, self-diagnostic alarm system for low water or empty CO2 alerts.


Bezplatné vyskúšanie: 
Pitný režim Dolphin
na 3 týždne zadarmo

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 3 barely pramenitej vody

  • 100 pohárov

Špeciálna ponuka: 
Pitný režim len
za 1 €/ denne

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 5 barelov pramenitej vody mesačne

  • 100 pohárov mesačne

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