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Dolphin Blubar

Seeking simplicity, functionality, and top-notch performance? Introducing the Dolphin Blubar – your perfect solution!

cold water

for more then 50 people

ambient water


sparkling water

Classic Mechanical Taps: For that timeless dispensing experience.

Upgrade Option: Stainless steel push buttons available with "portion control" for precision serving.

Versatile: ambient, cold still, or sparkling water to cater to any preference.

Quality Build: Constructed entirely of stainless steel, accented by a backlit plexi front panel.

Advanced Cooling: Integrated insulated ice-bank technology ensures a consistent high-volume supply of cold, both still and sparkling, water.

Choose tradition combined with innovation for your establishment!


Bezplatné vyskúšanie: 
Pitný režim Dolphin
na 3 týždne zadarmo

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 3 barely pramenitej vody

  • 100 pohárov

Špeciálna ponuka: 
Pitný režim len
za 1 €/ denne

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 5 barelov pramenitej vody mesačne

  • 100 pohárov mesačne

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