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Dolphin Water 19l

Excellent taste and something extra...
Dolphin water is filtered by nature and bottled directly from the source. This top quality water has a perfectly balanced ratio of minerals, is a great source of energy and benefits your health. 6-8 glasses of Dolphin water a day will provide you with perfect hydration.

19l bottle

automatic delivery

Dolphin water filling is subject to the strict standards of Watercoolers Europe (WE).

Dolphin Water is audited by NSF (National Science Foundation) and SGS, which verify that the bottled water and bottled water meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 21, paragraphs 110, 129, and 165, or the Codex Alimentarius requirements (Codex Alimentarius, EC 80/77) as part of the Bottled Water Certification Program. These regulations establish quality standards for bottled water manufacturers and good manufacturing practices.


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Pitný režim Dolphin
na 3 týždne zadarmo

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 3 barely pramenitej vody

  • 100 pohárov

Špeciálna ponuka: 
Pitný režim len
za 1 €/ denne

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 5 barelov pramenitej vody mesačne

  • 100 pohárov mesačne

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