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Dolphin Spring

A fountain with drinking unrefrigerated water.

cold water

for more then 50 people

ambient water

energy saving

no heavy bottles

These drinking fountains are activated manually by one of the four buttons. Their surface components include a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces growth micro-organisms and mould and protects surfaces from fading, odour and damage. Suitable for public buildings, gyms, sports complexes, hospitals, schools and offices.


Bezplatné vyskúšanie: 
Pitný režim Dolphin
na 3 týždne zadarmo

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 3 barely pramenitej vody

  • 100 pohárov

Špeciálna ponuka: 
Pitný režim len
za 1 €/ denne

  • Výdajník vody Dolphin Classic

  • 5 barelov pramenitej vody mesačne

  • 100 pohárov mesačne

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